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Call for commitments 2017

The ENTELIS network is a newly established network of organisations with different backgrounds (education, social care, technology, research, advocacy, etc.) committed to full digital inclusion of persons with disabilities and older adults. This involves the removal of barriers of all kinds and the empowerment of people, including the development of digital competencies that allow them to participate in the digital society.

Third ENTELIS Seminar: Bruxelles, Belgium, October 19th, 2016

The third ENTELIS annual seminar Technology for unlocking human potential: roadmaps for closing the digital divide for people with disabilities was held in Brussels on October 19, 2016 at the Thon Hotel EU.

ENTELIS Manifesto "Towards full digital inclusion": read and endorse

The enclosed document "Towards full digital inclusion: the ENTELIS manifesto against the digital divide" (in brief "Entelis Manifesto") is intended to raise awareness among stakeholders. There are more stakeholders than you might think! We hope that this document will lead to discussions and actions at all levels. 

Welcome to the ENTELIS Network

The European Network for Technology Enhanced Learning in an Inclusive Society 

Download the ENTELIS leaflet (2,69 Mb) in your preferred language: ENDEGRFIITMK 
Download the ENTELIS INTERIM REPORT (Public Part, 189 Kb): EN 


Rapid advances in information and communication technologies (ICT) are changing lifestyles across the globe, also creating new unprecedented opportunities. However, many people with disabilities and elderly people experience difficulties in engaging with ICT and therefore may be prevented from fully enjoying its benefits. This works against the establishment of the inclusive society demanded by the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

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Structuring the management of vulnerable people with technology: the role of "educommunication"

Since 2007 I have been studying the role of technology in the management of disabilities and more specifically intellectual disabilities. In 2011, I carried out a doctoral research in information science and communication which was entitled “Uses and socio practices (re) éducommunicationnels for people with mental disabilities. Computer and Internet media tools” in which I studied access, ownership and use of computers and the Internet by and for people with intellectual disabilities accommodated in specialized institutions in France.

ENTELIS State of the Art Report (public version)

This deliverable is produced within Work Package 3 of the ENTELIS project (WP3 - State of Art Analysis on innovation in ICT and ICT-AT education and learning). It contains a State of the Art study regarding ICT and ICT-AT learning and education, in its broadest sense, for persons with disabilities of all ages. Data of different nature were collected from different sources and using different methodologies, including a literature review of scientific articles and conference papers, interviews with persons with disabilities and other stakeholders, the collection of innovative experiences.

How to join the ENTELIS Network as Associate Partner

Any Organisation sharing the ENTELIS mission and vision - and willing to engage in the commitments  involved - can apply to become Associate Partners of the ENTELIS network. The admission procedure is very simple:

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