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News from the project “Better lives through person centred technology”: great finish at Learning Disability Wales

After having visited Bologna and Liverpool, our last mobility in June 2018 led us to Wales/ UK.

A group of ten delegates from six Lebenshilfe organisations in Austria visited Learning Disability Wales giving us the opportunity to learn about successful approaches for person centred technology during a two days training. A self-advocate with learning disability was part of the group. The course focused on awareness-raising and training for persons with learning disability, their families and staff.

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Technology can change the lives of persons with learning disability: an inspiring training at hft in UK

In March 2018 eleven delegates from seven Lebenshilfe organisations in Austria participated in a three days training on person centred technology that hft tailored to our interests and learning needs. We already reported about the Erasmus+ Project supporting us to engage in international learning experiences regarding PCT.

Through a diverse and comprehensive program experts from hft and their cooperation partners gave us an overview of their person centred technology approaches, a wide range of possibilities for implementation, success factors and challenges.

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Facilitating communication of persons with high support needs through iPad

Since 2014 one of our occupational therapists has specialised in augmentative and alternative communication through iPad and Apps developing individual solutions for service users with intellectual disabilities. The person centred approaches strongly enhance the users’ possibilities to communicate and their quality of life.

The iPad is a mainstream device with built in accessibility features that can be customized to individual needs, and offers all possibilities of a modern computer.

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Better lives through technology: our task as service providers

Technology plays an important role in our everyday lives, and has become central to coping with almost any domain of life, shaping the way we live, work and communicate. A study showed that Austrians would rather abstain for a week from sex than from using mobile phones and internet. Technology’s potential to enhance quality of life is even bigger for persons with disability as it can overcome barriers, increase autonomy and self-determination.

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