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About us

The ENTELIS Network

The ENTELIS network is a newly established network of organisations with different backgrounds (education, social care, technology, research, advocacy, etc.) committed to full digital inclusion of persons with disabilities and older adults. This involves the removal of barriers of all kinds and the empowerment of people, including the development of digital competencies that allow them to participate in the digital society.

The network is open to organisations having similar goals. Network members will learn from each other, share results and work together for innovation.

Each year a call for commitments is launched by the steering board. The work committed by the members will form the annual work programme.

The ENTELIS network is an opportunity for those organisations seeking:

  • To gear efforts to shared goals
  • To learn from others and to disseminate knowledge and project outcomes
  • To validate ideas and prototypes of tool, strategies and methodologies and to sharpen exploitation strategies
  • To access project funding opportunities and partnerships

Active participation is the only way to turn the network into a resource for your organisation, your students, clients and other stakeholders.

Come and get involved!

See the full list of the ENTELIS Network Members


The ENTELIS Project

Until 31.12.2016 ENTELIS was a Project, funded by the European Commission under the Lifelong learning programme. The establishment of ENTELIS as a network has been one of the main deliverables of the project. 

The composition of the Consortium that has build the ENTELIS network has reflected the multiple stakeholder approach envisaged by that project. 

Core drivers in this process were three European umbrella organisations: AAATE, EASPD and EVBB, each with their specific target groups and membership base. The other contributing partners had a background in education, research, advocacy or service provision.

For all matters that regard the ENTELIS project, please contact the consortium leader

I-40123 Bologna, Via S.Isaia 90 - Tel. +39 051 6597711 Fax +39 051-6597737 
Project coordinator: Mr Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf
Project Administrator: Ms Eleonora Ravaglia