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Smarter learning with SlimStampen

SlimStampen is a method based on a software, designed to support students in learning facts, words, topography, etc.. It is based on scientific models and formulas that take into account the individual knowledge the student already obtained and the way each individual remembers facts. This makes studying more efficient, effective and encouraging. The method was already scientifically tested in mainstream education with good results on performance and motivations. Within the project GOLD - Goldilocks–based learning Overcomes Learning Disabilities, the partners have tested if their trainees/ students with educational challenges (e.g., intellectual disability) could benefit from the use of SlimStampen. 
Centro de Reabilitação Profissional de Gaia, a Portugese vocational rehabilitation centre, has tested SlimStampen in 2 training modules, with persons with acquired brain injury and persons with intellectual disabilities.  The most relevant outcome of this pilot was the increase of motivation on trainees learning by the support of software instead of the traditional methods.  This project was promoted by Rea College from the Netherlands and was co-financed by Lifelong Learning Programme. More information available on

Andreia Mota