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How to join the ENTELIS Network as Associate Partner

Any Organisation sharing the ENTELIS mission and vision - and willing to engage in the commitments  involved - can apply to become Associate Partners of the ENTELIS network. The admission procedure is very simple:

  • The Organisation interested in joining the network asks for admission, by sending an application letter (see template in annex) declaring its adherence to the ENTELIS mission and rules. The application letter – on the Organisation’s letterhead, signed by an authorised representative – is e-mailed to the ENTELIS project coordinator, along with a concise one-page profile which is helpful to understand the nature and the mission the Organisation itself.

  • The project co-ordinator – or another Consortium Partner appointed by the coordinator – analyses the candidate Organisation in relation to the ENTELIS objectives, also taking direct contact and discussing with its representative if needed; based on this analysis he or she formulates a recommendation to the Consortium Partners to accept or decline the application.

  • Each Consortium Partner expresses its view within two weeks; if no view is expressed it is assumed as a favourable opinion.

  • The ENTELIS coordinator – taking into account the Consortium Partners’ views – takes the decision and (if positive) sends out the acceptance letter. 

  • After acceptance, the new Associate Partner is registered on the ENTELIS website and its appointed contact person is given the credentials to access the private area. After that he or she will start receiving all communications reserved to the network members and submit material on the website, and will start active participation.