ENTELIS Manifesto “Towards full digital inclusion”: read and endorse

The enclosed document “Towards full digital inclusion: the ENTELIS manifesto against the digital divide” (in brief “Entelis Manifesto”) is intended to raise awareness among stakeholders. There are more stakeholders than you might think! We hope that this document will lead to discussions and actions at all levels.

We therefore invite you to consider making active use of this “Manifesto”, for example by passing it on to others, or by organising a meeting to discuss its content and to develop some collaborative actions to take. You can also respond to the Manifesto by joining the ENTELIS network and sharing expertise and experience. Every stakeholder is important and can make a difference, at a single organisation, community, regional, national or even international level.

Endorse the ENTELIS Manifesto!
Click on the links below to download the ENTELIS Manifesto in your preferred format. If your organisation supports this document, please click below on “I wish to endorse the ENTELIS Manifesto”. A form will open where you’ll be asked to provide your full name and your organisation’s name (please don’t use nicknames!). The form also includes a free-text box where you can add comments and offer your views. We are particularly interested in knowing what specific actions you would undertake or recommend based on this Manifesto, either within your own organisation or at local or national level. If possible, please identify 5 priority actions.

I wish to endorse the ENTELIS Manifesto

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