GOLD (Goldilocks-based learning Overcomes Learning Disabilities)

Main objectives: In this project, the partners wanted to test whether students with learning disabilities, such as autism and dyslexia, can benefit from the individual tailor-made method ‘SlimStampen’: a tool to help students to learn facts, words, topography etcetera. The method was already scientifically tested in mainstream education with good results. It is based on scientific models that take into account the individual knowledge the student already obtained and the way each individual remembers facts. It makes studying more efficient, more effective and more encouraging.

Relevance to ENTELIS: This project has proved the relevance of ICT as an effective tool for facilitating the learning of persons with disabilities.

New knowledge/experience provided: The project was successful in addressing practical concerns of administering SlimStampen to students with disabilities. The computer learning sessions were very well received by both teachers and students and emerged as a promising new classroom tool. However, results regarding the benefit of SlimStampen remained inconclusive.

Fact Sheet prepared by:
Marina Martins, CRPG, Portugal
Short Description:
GOLD (Goldilocks-based learning Overcomes Learning Disabilities)