ICCHP-AAATE 2022 conference

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13 July 16:00-18:00

Digital empowerment in European inclusive education: an ENTELIS network workshop

The promotors of this workshop (AAATE and EASPD) intend to address inclusive education in the era of digitalisation. As a result of the LLP project ENTELIS (2014-2016), during the last years, four other European projects matured: ENTELIS+, Right to Connect Now, Skate and DIG-i-READY, all funded under the Erasmus+ programme. During the workshop we will discuss with representatives of the consortiums how these projects contribute to the advancement of digitally empowered inclusive education in Europe. We will also look at the expected outcomes for persons with disabilities in the field of education. The panel-discussion that follows will evolve around the following questions: – What is the impact of these and similar Erasmus+ projects? – How can digital tools strengthen the further development of inclusive education?What are the further challenges that need to be addressed and what are the barriers to full digital inclusion? Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with the ENTELIS network and the projects it is developing, as well as to contribute to a second ENTELIS Manifesto targeting European Policy Makers that will focus on the continuing need to enhance accessibility and assistive technology enabled participation in inclusive education across the continent.