INOVATELL (Innovative Touch less Technologies in Lifelong Learning for people with severe disabilities)

Main objectives: Within this project, the partners will develop and implement a technological solution that will help people with limited hands functionality to participate in lifelong learning process by remotely controlling specialised software using only hand or head functions; transfer and localize integrated INOVATELL technological solution as the touchless hand and head gesture controlled learning tool; transfer and supplement learning content to match the practical needs of the target group; create all the necessary documentation describing transfer methodologies and technology and make these materials readily available on the web.

Relevance to ENTELIS: This project promotes the acquisition of digital skills and abilities to make effective use of assistive technology for the independence and resulting empowerment of people with disabilities.

New knowledge/experience provided: The project will provide tools – technological and training content – in order to make ICT learning accessible and to eliminate technological barriers to develop ICT skills. The touchless technology is a useful tool to eliminate the limitations of upper limbs and hand functionality. It will be used only the hand and head small movements to access the computer or tablet.

Fact Sheet prepared by:
Cristina Crisostomo, CPRG, Portugal
Short Description:
INOVATELL (INOVAtive Touchless Technologies in Lifelong Learning for people with severe disabilities)