Portugal: Digital Agenda

Short description of policy, starting from the problem it aims to tackle: The main objective of the Agenda (Resolution of the Council of Ministers, nº 112/2012, 31st December) is to develop the Digital Economy and the Knowledge Society, preparing Portugal for a new model of economic activity, centred in inovation and knowledge. From the various measures of the Digital Agenda, two measures are considered relevant for people with disabilities (within chapter 3.3 – To improve digital literacy, qualifications and inclusion). The measures are 3.3.2 (to promote the availability and utilization of e-books) and 3.3.4 (to define a policy for the accessibility of the Portuguese digital contents and platforms in Internet).

Relevance to ENTELIS: The Digital Agenda will prepare the economic, education and social entities, and their services and products, to assure development and improve qualifications in order to empower people with disabilities and assure their social and economic inclusion.

New knowledge/experience provided: The availability of digital resources, as renting e-books and bank, schools, media, national and local administration and hotel services platforms, and the development of ICT skills necessary to have access to them, in parallel at education level, will equalize the opportunities to all.

Fact Sheet prepared by:
Cristina Crisostomo, CPRG, Portugal
Short Description:
CRPG (Cristina Crisostomo): Digital Agenda Portugal