Portugal: National Strategy for Disability

This Fact Sheet provides a short description of the Portuguese National Strategy for Disability (Resolution of the Council of Ministers, nº 97/2010, 14th December), which promotes the rights and quality of life of people with disabilities. It continues the planning of the public policies that combat discrimination and assure active participation of people with disabilities in the several areas of social life. In relation to ICT, it contains measures on Accessibilities and Design for all (Axis 4 – deadline 2011: to develop version 2.0 of the validation programme of the WC3 guidelines for the accessibility of the web content) and Administrative Modernization and Information Systems (Axis 5 – deadline 2013: to consolidate the accessibility of the electronic sites concerning informative and transactional services with public entities).

Relevance to ENTELIS: The Strategy for Disability determines several policies against discrimination which assures the accessibility of the public sites and promotes the accessibility to public services in order to empower people with disabilities.

New knowledge/experience provided: The accessible public services were disseminated in every local authority and nowadays the main services are accessible on the web and there are accessible technologies in public places to allow its use by people with disabilities.

Fact Sheet prepared by:
Cristina Crisostomo, CPRG, Portugal
Short Description:
Portugal: National Strategy for Disability