Present barriers, emergent and future needs in digital society

The aim of this study is to identify present barriers, emergent and future needs in terms of analysis, acquisition and reinforcing of digital competences bridging the worlds of education, work and wider social participation. The development of this questionnaire is based on the State of Art – report that is created from the qualitative analysis of the interviews of users, educators, ICT and ICT AT developers and service providers as well as the vast literature review.

The survey was carried out by questionnaire that included collection of quantitative and qualitative data. Quantitative data was collected by statement options utilising the Likert scaling. The items generation was based on the main results of the State of Art.  Qualitative data was collected by open questions that revealed respondents’ ideas and opinions of user’s needs (present and future needs), usability of technology (present usability and wishes for future), ICT/ITC-education (present and future), awareness of available ICT and ICT-AT solutions (present policy issues, future changes in policy issues)

The survey was in eForm and delivered by the Entelis – project partners to respondents, the selection of respondents was purposeful. The aim was to deliver the survey to five other organisations and persons involved with ICT and ICT in the education of PwD and elderly. The data collection started in December 2015 and ended in the beginning of February 2016, taking totally 2 months.

Anne Kärki & Merja Sallinen (SAMK)