Qatar: National e-accessibility policy

hort description of policy starting from the problem it aims to tackle: The policy aims to ensure people with disabilities in Qatar have equal access to the technologies that can enrich their lives, and covers a range of e-Accessibility issues, including websites, telecommunications services, handsets, ATMs, government services, access to assistive technologies and digital content. The policy is effective immediately and ictQATAR will oversee the implementation of the policy across sectors and monitor progress.

Relevance to ENTELIS: The policy lays down a framework for the implementation of accessible technology in Qatar, mandating Mada as the national center to provide assessment and training as well as funding the provision of equipment.

New knowledge/experience provided: The policy is wide ranging and demonstrates the strength of an approach which is cross domain, focussing upon the experience of disabled people and not fragmenting by disability or lifestage.

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Qatar: National e-accessibility policy