Supporting students with disabilities at university

University is obviously a context where to learn using ICT and to develop digital skills. Nowadays whatever topic they study, students are supposed to be getting acquainted with technology. It is a good opportunity for students with disabilities to learn, experiment or enhance their use of assistive technologies which are going to help them not only in their studies but, more than for any other student, in all the aspects of life : workplace, daily life, communication, mobility, etc. Of course, they have to learn at the same time the use of ICT as other students. Universities provides them with specific support through dedicated support centres. We will describe these support centres in the French academic context, and the way they have constituted an independent network. As part of the academic community this network has built on the idea of research, as well research about technologies as research about practices.

Coutant M., Archambault D.
Coutant M., Archambault D. (2014). Supporting students with disabilities at university. Proceedings of the 1st Entelis Seminar (Bologna, 27/11/2014).
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Supporting students with disabilities at university
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