Founding Members

AAATE logo

AAATE (Association for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe)

The pan-european scientific Society focused on the advancement of assistive technology for the benefit of people with disabilities and elderly people

Contact person: Mrs. Katerina Mavrou

EASPD (European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities)

Europe’s largest network of service providers for persons with disabilities, representing about 10,000 organisations. The main objective is to promote the equalisation of opportunities for people with disabilities through effective and high quality service systems.

Contact person: Mr. Luk Zelderloo & Sarah Weston
 Logo EVBB

EVBB (European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training)

A non-profit European umbrella association with over 50 members in 21 countries. Members are associations, coordinating institutes of education and educational providers at a national, regional and local level. The core objective of EVBB’s activities is the improvement of quality of vocational training in Europe.

Contact person: Mr. Andreas Koth



SAMK (Satakunta University of Applied Science) (Finland)

A high-grade international university providing education and skilled labour as well as research, development and innovation activities for the public and private sector stakeholders in the area.

Contact person:Ms Merja Sallinen 
 Logo EUC

EUC (European University Cyprus) (Cyprus)

A higher private educational institution with a broad portfolio of research activity, committed among others, to promoting the use of ICT-AT in inclusive education.

Contact person: Ms Katerina Mavrou 
 Logo HFT

HF Trust Limited (UK)

A leading national charity that supports people with learning disabilities. Every day our creative thinking helps people to get the most out of life.

Contact person: Mr Steve Barnard 
 Logo OTH

OtW (Open the Windows) (Macedonia)

A organization that promotes assistive technology to support equal opportunities for persons with disabilities. It provides community-based services and promotes assistive technology through capacity building, awareness raising, research, and information and knowledge dissemination.

Contact person: Ms Margarita Gulevska 
 Logo NFVB

NFVB (National Federation of Voluntary Bodies) (Ireland)

A national umbrella organisation for voluntary/non-statutory agencies who provide direct services to over twenty five thousand people with intellectual disability in Ireland.

Contact person: Mr Brendan Sutton 
 Logo IMPT

IMPT (Institute for Matching Person and Technology) (USA)

An organization devoted to research, training, and assessment to better match persons with disabilities with the most appropriate technologies and other supports that enhance their life quality.

Contact person: Ms Marcia Scherer 
Logo Associate Partner Atempo

Atempo Betriebsgesellschaft mbh (Austria)

A non profit organisation offering various training and learning facilities for people with learning difficulties and disabilities in Graz (Austria) and several services to assist them to get jobs.

Contact person: Mr Karl Bäck See a short profile of ATEMPO
Logo Hilfsgemeinschaft

Hilfsgemeinschaft (Austria)

The Association “Hilfsgemeinschaft der Blinden und Sehschwachen Österreichs” is a non-for-profit organisation providing care and support to Blind and Visually Impaired in East Austria and nationawide.

Contact person: Mr Klaus Höchner  See a short profile of Hilfsgemeinschaft
Logo of the organization

Lebenshilfe Salzburg GmbH (Austria)

A non-for-profit organization specialising in computer aided communication for people with disabilities, founded by Diakoniewerk and the Austrian Institute of Technology.

Contact person: Ms Karin Astegger 
 Logo of Lifetool

LIFEtool gemeinnuetzige GmbH (Austria)

A provider of support services for persons with intellectual disability throughout the Salzburg region.

Contact person: Mr David Hofer See a short profile of LIFEtools
Logo Associate Partner GAATES

GAATES (Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments) (Canada)

The leading international organization dedicated to the promotion of accessibility. Its mission is to promote the understanding and implementation of accessibility of the built, social and virtual environments, including architectural, infrastructural design, transportation systems, habitat, and ICT so that everyone, including people with disabilities and older persons are able to fully participate and contribute to society.

Contact person: Mr Alireza Darvishy See a short profile of GAATES
Logo Cyprus Interaction Lab

Cyprus Interaction Lab, Cyprus University of Technology (Cyprus)

A Laboratory – within the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts – that investigates on interaction of people with technology in various fields, in order to understand and enhance users’ experience and interaction with technology.

Contact person: Mr Panayiotis Zaphiris
 logo of Psifides Gnosis (Tesserae of Knowledge)

Psifides Gnosis (Tesserae of knowledge) (Cyprus)

A network funded by the University of Cyprus which gathers academics and educators who promote inclusive education ideas through the work of disabled people.

Contact person: Ms Simoni Symeonidou See a short profile of Psifides Gnosis
logo associate partner Apaches

APACHES (Association des Professionnels d’Accompagnement du Handicap dans l’Enseignement Supérieur) (France)

An association of professionals supporting students with disabilities in higher education in France.

Contact person: Mr Dominique Archambault See a short profile of APACHES
Logo of Centre de la Gabrielle

Centre de la Gabrielle MFPass (France)

A private non-profit organisation founded in 1972 by the French federation of Mutual Companies for civil servants. The Centre has 250 staff members and provides services to over 450 children, teenagers and adults with developmental, learning and intellectual disabilities; it houses 12 medical and social services, including an adapted company for disabled workers.

Contact person: Ms Françoise Laurent

Institut Fédératif de Recherche sur les Aides Techniques pour personnes Handicapées (IFRATH) (France)

An Association that brings together researchers, users and manufacturers  in order to pool their skills and create synergies to promote the advancement of technological and methodological research related to various physical, sensory and cognitive disabilities.

Contact person: Ms Audrey Bonjour 
logo associate partner disability federation of Ireland

Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI) (Ireland)

A national federation representing the interests and the expectations of people with disabilities to be fully included in Irish society.  It comprises over 130 organisations that represent and support people with disabilities and disabling conditions.

Contact person: Mr Pierce Richardson . See a short profile of DFI
Logo Enable Ireland

Enable Ireland National Assistive Technology Training Service (Ireland)

A national Assistive Technology Training service providing advice and training to Enable Ireland service users and staff. Training courses are also open to members of the public and specialised programmes can be developed for businesses to advise them on the wider everyday role AT plays in the workplace. We also provide assessment supports along with technical support.

Contact person: Ms Siobhan Long

AIAS Provincia di Bologna Onlus (Italy)

An association of people with disabilities, providing a range of services and developing political, educational and social activities in the disability area.

Mr Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf   
 Logo CAAC

Centro per l’Autonomia Ausilioteca Campana Onlus Soc.Coop.Sociale (Italy)

An assistive technology resource centre, promoting independence of people with disability, improving their quality of life and fostering inclusion in social, family, school and work context.

Contact person: Mr Silvio Pagliara 
 Logo GLIC

GLIC (Italian Network of Indipendent Assistive Technology Centres) (Italy)

A national association whose membership includes Organisations providing assessment and consultation services to people with disabilities, their families and professionals in health care and education in relation to the selection, choice and usage of assistive technology.

Contact person: Mr Claudio Bitelli 
 logo of Latvian Movement for Independent Living

Latvian Movement for independent living (Latvia)

A non-profit and non-governmental association gathering 56 members organizations of persons with all kind of disabilities, family members, social work professionals, service providers and representatives of civil society.

Contact person: Ms Inga Skestere See a short profile of LATMIL 
 Logo of CPRG

CRPG (Centro de Reabilitacao Profissional de Gaia) (Portugal)

An association governed by public law, providing rehabilitation services to people who suffered accidents and diseases, enabling the reintegration at professional, family and social level. It also provides support in the transition of youngsters with disabilities from school to active life.

Contact person: Ms Cristina Crisóstomo 
Logo of MADA

Mada (Qatar Assistive Technology Center) (Qatar)

An organisation enabling an inclusive ecosystem in Qatar to support the needs of people with a disability through technology. It operates three programs in employment, education and daily life and a series of underpinning actions to support Arabic access which includes policy, research and awareness.

Contact person: 
 Logo School Milan Petrovic

Elementary and secondary boarding school “Milan Petrovic” (Serbia)

A unique institution in the Balkans providing education, support and empowerment to children and adults with any kinds of disabilities. By inventing, implementing and promoting open-minded, multidisciplinary approach we help their inclusion in society throughout their life time.

Contact person: Ms Svetlana Kekic 
 Logo G3Cict

 G3ICT Global initiative for Inclusive Technologies (USA)

An advocacy initiative dedicated to facilitating and supporting the implementation of the dispositions of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities on the accessibility of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) and assistive technologies.

Contact person: Mr Axel Leblois

Thomas More – Modem  (Belgium)

Contact person: Mr. Wim de Backer