White paper with roadmaps (ENTELIS Deliverable 5.6)

The writing of this white paper is the result of a three-year long ENTELIS project funded by the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Programme. This white paper will provide the reader with insight into the role technology plays for the full participation of persons with disabilities and older people in the digital society. The authors consider equal opportunities to participate in all realms of life a human right. The paper will help the reader to understand what the barriers to full digital inclusion for these groups are, how changing scenarios in society should lead to the definition of new goals and how these goals could be reached.

This white paper looks forward and challenges the reader to identify strategies to tackle the digital divide. It analyses trends and policy objectives as defined by the international community in 6 different areas relevant to the digital divide (disability and participation, education, employment, health and social care, technology, (Social) Media), explores the opportunities technology offers in various areas of life and assesses the major barriers to access and effective use of technology by persons with disabilities. Finally, the paper defines long term goals in different areas of intervention and elaborates on a roadmap to reach these goals.

Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf et al.
Resource Short Description:
White paper with roadmaps